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Taser research opportunity from Staffordshire University

source: Keele University
first published: March 2022

This project is commissioned by the College of Policing, funded by the NPCC and MOPAC, running for one year from March 2022 to March 2023. It is being conducted by a consortium of organisations, led by Keele University and the University College of London.

Dr Leanne Savigar-Shaw from Staffordshire University, is working on the research project along with colleagues from Keele University focusing on racial and ethnic disparity in police use of Taser.

West Midlands Police are one of several forces that have already agreed to act as participating forces in the research project.

One part of their research methodology is to speak to scrutiny panel members as community members with some vicarious (and also possibly personal) experience with police use of Taser, via either interview or focus group, about their perceptions of police use of Taser and thoughts on how/why/to what impact racial disproportionality exists.

To take part or for more information in the research, you can contact leanne.savigar-shaw@staffs.ac.uk

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