Can you support the NMPMFF’s services development plan?

source: NMPMFF
published: 7 September 2022

We want to share our ambitious service development plans for the future with you.

Funded from a mix of personal donors and grants, the new initiatives will be rolled out over the next 3+ years. Some are already in their infancy, but we want to see them grow!

We are the only organisation nationally that occupies this space, and are therefore absolutely unique and bespoke – led by affected families for affected families.

See current Memorial Family Fund grants and services here:
Services planned include the Annual Gala Dinner & Awards, National Events Programme, Counselling Hubs, Regional 24-Hour Advice Lines, and the Year-Round Holiday Schemes.

The difference we are making now!

The Fund is already making a practical difference to families and their campaign groups that need financial and wellbeing support during their long struggles for justice lasting decades in many cases. See grants awarded here >

It is our absolute and undivided commitment that this work should be continued indefinately, and will maintain our momentum in this respect.

What we need, and what you can do?

For the further progress of our service development plan it is critical that we maintain a level of donors and funding to allow our current structures to develop further, which in turn aids the continued development of our important work and mission.

Can you help with the Memorial Family Funds’ aspirations? If you have skills, experience, knowledge, resources or connections that can help, please donate or contact us