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provided by: Tippa Naphtali
published: 4 January 2020

Get your Family Fund badge! When you purchase your badge all the proceeds of sale will go to the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) to support families that have been affected by custody deaths throughout the UK.

The NMPMFF will be the first permanent national resource of its kind specifically for those that are affected by deaths in custody. It will make small grants available for families and their campaign groups across the United Kingdom to provide practical domestic assistance, to further the work of their own campaigns or to assist them in engaging in a range of other local, regional or national campaigns, events and initiatives.

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Badges Cost £2.50 + UK Postage

Important Note: Please provide a postal address + postcode on the PayPal checkout page. Your badge(s) will then be dispatched by 1st class post normally within 7 days of receiving your payment.

You can find out more about the history and purpose of the National Family Memorial Fund by watching this short video.

Other News:

National Events Programme – The NMPMFF have been successful in securing part-funding from The Edge Fund for its programme of events.

Investing some of the funds already raised alongside this funding we will be able to appoint a sessional worker who will identify and manage opportunities for up to 3 major pay-to-attend events in 2020 which will help to raise awareness of deaths in state custody, galvanise collaboration and raise money for the National Family Fund.

The original project outline paper is available here for your information.

Other Possible Funds – We are also awaiting news of a possible philanthropic donation of up to £10,000. This would enable the NMPMFF to open the first round of grant applications sometime in 2020.

The following also came into the Family Fund during the UFFC Rally, 26 October 2019:

  • One-off donors x 6 – £117.00
  • Family Fund badge sales – £180.00
  • New monthly donors x 3

Important Note: Applications will be opened to family campaigns when the Family Fund holds a maximum balance of between £5,000 and £6,500 at any given time.