Justice for Jimmy Mubenga

Book: The Pride of an African Migrant, In Remembrance of Jimmy Mubenga

Book - The Pride of an African Migrantsource: Keep the Faith
published: 16 April 2020

Buea, Cameroon – A former African asylum seeker in the United Kingdom has authored a book titled ‘The Pride of an African Migrant’, which will be released on May 4 by Pierced Rock Press’.

‘The Pride of an African Migrant’ is a political memoir of the author’s stay in the UK. The book provides a lens to the panorama of the lives of African migrants in Europe, particularly that of African asylum seekers in the UK and outlines the barbaric acts of torture that African asylum seekers are subjected to in the UK.

Cameroonian activist and columnist, Massocki Ma Massocki, who arrived in the UK in 2007 as a student then ended up seeking asylum and lived in the country until 2012, subtitled his memoir:  ‘In Remembrance of Jimmy Mubenga, a Martyr of Globalisation, Murdered by the UK Border Regime, on a British Airways Flight to Angola’.

Massocki sets out from Cameroon, West Africa, to the paradise that awaits in Europe. But instead in the United Kingdom he encounters racism, state violence, insecure jobs, and imprisonment in three different detention centres, destitution and begging on the streets, entrapment by drug dealers, and an arson attack.

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