Brothers Dave Springer (left), Tippa Naphtali (center) and Benjamin Zephaniah (right) (Copy)

Zephaniah: If I were Prime Minister: I’d order a review of all deaths in custody

source: The Independent
published: 1 April 2015
pic – Brothers Dave Springer (left), Tippa Naphtali (center) and Benjamin Zephaniah (right)

I’m an anarchist. So maybe I shouldn’t be here. After seeing what politicians of all persuasions have done to our country (and our world), there was no other way to go for me. People need to understand just how much they can do for themselves, so if I were forced to do the job I’d abolish the post of Prime Minister.

Before I put myself out of a job I’d get rid of every bit of privatisation in the NHS and have a radical shake up of health services. I’d introduce a new 999 service – for emergency mental health issues. Between 20 to 30 per cent of all police call outs relate to people with mental health problems, problems that the police are not trained to deal with.

I’d introduce new health awareness programmes for things like prostate cancer and HIV. There’s a lot of ignorance and fear and that can mean people die needlessly.

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