RedAlert Support Portal

Red Alert HELP! Online Information Portal

source: 4WardEver UK
published: 8 October 2015

Red Alert HELP! provides an interactive online advice portal available 24/7 x 365 to help you find the information, services or support that you need. Primarily featuring services in the West Midlands, there is also information on national services, campaigns and support initiatives.

The portal consists of a type-recognition system that will find key words as visitors type into the search box, and then present answers or solutions to the query. Visitors can also submit tickets (queries / requests).

The portal will be continuously updated in close consultation with third parties which include collaborators or partners within the voluntary, statutory and social enterprise sectors.

When this facility goes fully live (in 2016 we hope) it will also have a user forum to encourage discussion and support with the Red Alert HELP! team and between other forum users.

Also when fully live visitors will also be able to submit support tickets via a range of social media platforms directly to the Red Alert HELP! support and volunteer team.

Visit the Information Portal here >

About Red Alert HELP!

4WardEver UK is planning to launch its new community-led Red Alert Support and Signposting Service sometime in late 2016 or 2017.

Red Alert HELP! will provide a 24Hr telephone and text support and advice for families affected by deaths or abuses in custody, or concerned about vulnerable relatives or friends detained in custody.

Initially covering Birmingham and The Black Country, we aim to roll the service out across the West Midlands as it develops.

You can read more about the services here