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INQUEST responds to IPCC annual statistics for deaths during or following police contact

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source: INQUEST
published: 2017 / date unknown

Today the IPCC released their latest statistics on Deaths during or following police contact in England and Wales. The report can be found here.

In the financial year 2016/17 the IPCC recorded 14 deaths in or following police custody, 6 police shootings (including 1 terrorism related shooting), an increase to 32 deaths relating to police pursuit in road traffic incidents, and 55 apparent suicides following custody. The IPCC also investigated 124 other deaths following police contact.

You can also find INQUEST’s live statistics on police deaths here, which are in date up to 24 July 2017 at the issuing of this release. IPCC stats use financial years whereas INQUEST has a rolling record of annual stats.

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST said:

“Behind these statistics is a depressing picture concerning the treatment of the most vulnerable members of our society. That some of the numbers and patterns are so similar to last year’s report suggest a deeply concerning lack of learning and change following previous deaths.

“More than half of the 14 who died were identified as having mental health concerns, and the vast majority had a known link to alcohol or drugs. Much the same can be said of the other 124 deaths following police contact investigated by the IPCC.”

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