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IPCC plans overhaul after review

IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commissionoriginally by: BBC News 
published: 17 March 2014

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is to overhaul the way it investigates deaths at the hands of police in England and Wales. 

The IPCC’s review into its own practices follows criticism of how the watchdog has dealt with some cases. You can download the report and action plan on the IPCC website >

Some of the bereaved families consulted as part of the review said they felt they were treated insensitively.

The sister of Sean Rigg, who died in police custody in 2008, said this was a “defining moment” for the watchdog.

Improving the treatment of such families in future is at the heart of the IPCC’s new 61-point action plan.

Under the plans, bereaved families will be able to contribute to the terms of reference of an investigation, while press statements about each case will be agreed between police and the affected families in advance of being released to the media.

Concerns about the watchdog’s approach in identifying whether discriminatory behaviour might have been a contributing factor in a death were also raised.

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